— scientific analysis of post mortal communication —


A new release of the SpiriGate software is due for 2011 under General Public License. Interested software developers with technical and/or scientific backgrounds are encouraged to contact us.

SpiriGate Java software specifications:


Screenshot of the Record & Playback panel during a recording session.
SpiriGate screenshot

SpiriGate BETA test version

SpiriGate requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on your computer, which you probably already have. You can check if JRE is installed on your system and download it free of charge at

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

SpiriGate RAR Archive SpiriGate.rar 2391 KB 22 November 2010
SpiriGate ZIP Archive 2464 KB 22 November 2010
SpiriGate User Manual SpiriGate.pdf 570 KB 04 January 2011

In Windows SpiriGate can be launched by double-clicking on the SpiriGate.jar file in Explorer. Or alternatively from a Command Prompt: java -jar "SpiriGate.jar". A Command Prompt can be opened via: Start | Run... and type cmd.

In Linux the SpiriGate.jar file needs to be made executable. Open a Terminal and cd to the folder with SpiriGate.jar. Enter chmod a+x SpiriGate.jar. SpiriGate can now be launched with java -jar "SpiriGate.jar".

SpiriGate software makes use of royalty-free third party software released under GPL and LGPL.

Project by Hummeling Engineering